Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter fun

Winter in Cache Valley is a little bit different than Orem. I've seen some of the biggest icicles and slipped on some trippy ice. All in all it's been an adventure, but I still love going home to play in our soft snow.

This is right outside of my building. The bike racks are covered, but this is what happens when some of the water leaks under the covering. I'm just glad that that's not my bike.

One saturday I tried to go snowboarding with my friend Karissa, but the snow was too crazy in the canyon and we ended up having to turn around. We went sledding instead and the snow was so deep and fluffy that we buried her. Ah great utah valley snow!

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Caldiero Family said...

Yea, something new!!! Love the pictures. Have a lot of fun this weekend!