Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter fun

Winter in Cache Valley is a little bit different than Orem. I've seen some of the biggest icicles and slipped on some trippy ice. All in all it's been an adventure, but I still love going home to play in our soft snow.

This is right outside of my building. The bike racks are covered, but this is what happens when some of the water leaks under the covering. I'm just glad that that's not my bike.

One saturday I tried to go snowboarding with my friend Karissa, but the snow was too crazy in the canyon and we ended up having to turn around. We went sledding instead and the snow was so deep and fluffy that we buried her. Ah great utah valley snow!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paint Dance for Homecoming

This is homecoming week and on Monday night we had a paint dance. I was completely unprepared for the amount of paint I was going to get on me. I went thinking there would only be splatters like in "Ms. Congeniality" but we were masterpieces by the end of the night. It took two days of showers and 5 different washing of my hair to get it all out, but it was worth it!

From left to right; Kaylynn, Missy, Me and Theresa

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Room Rearranging and Peach Days

Yesterday Jory and I decided to shake things up a little bit and completely rearrange our room. Things got a little sweaty when we moved both of our beds, the tv and fridge, but we love it now.

We also went to Peach Days this weekend, which was very fun. Unfortunately without the family I couldn't find the car show, but we went to the motorcycle show, and went on some carnival rides. We had to go get peach shakes too at Peach City. We waited for a while, but it was worth it.

Friends Jory and Theresa

Sunday, September 7, 2008

80s dancing

I though I should let you all know how great college is going. We had an 80s dance last weekend and all of my roommates got really into it. All of our hair took time, but turned out great. Enjoy these pictures!
April and I had alot of fun 80s posing.

April me and my roommate Jory with our hair all done.Our sunglasses were so rad that we had to wear them everywhere, even out to eat.

This pose is just for Jessie. haha! Those leg warmers wer awesome.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jordan has moved out

On Monday we moved everything from Jordan's room to Logan Utah. She is staying at the Valley View Towers on Utah State's campus. Her room mates name is Jory and we all worked very hard to unpack. There were alot of clothes, but it went quickly. I can only hope that everything goes okay.

Small and traditional, but somehow everything fit.

Handmade covers for her zebra pillows. Invisible zippers were a challenge, but they turned out great.

I am thinking about even joing a sorority after going on a tour. It's totally not my style, but the girls were so nice and they do such great things for charity. I sure hope it turns out okay, but if you know any secrets about sororities share them with me. ha ha!

Friday, August 1, 2008

More Europe

Sorry it's been so late in the game, but I figured better late than never. Enjoy these pictures.

Hotel de Ville was Mom's favorite area! It was busy and we had great baggette sandwiches.

We went to the LDS church on Sunday. It was beautiful and we got to have our sacrament lesson in English. We even met a cousin of one of our neighbors. The world is so small.

Pompidou center was so fun. The fountain was ridiculous, and people danced in it. If you can notice their was a mermaid and the fountain came from her boob. The music festival was great. Eating crepes while we listened to bands felt very hip and European.

Degas was amazing! I love him for all of his ballerinas. I can't post all of the pictures, but just know that there are alot of ballerinas.

Seeing toddler's armor is always depressing, but there were acutally some cool peices of armor in Napolean's armory.
Luxemborg Gardens were beautiful and busy. Certain grassy areas you were allowed to sit on, and they were over run by students and businessmen. People played soccer and listened to bands play.

Ah the Louvre. It had such a great underground system to get around that we really didn't go through the pyramid. We saw it from below while we shopped, but didn't go through it. The Louvre was overwhelming, but very enjoyable. We've seen enough of the virgin to last us a life time.

Monet's waterlillies were one of the best things in Paris, next to their olives. There were two oval rooms and 8 paintings in total. 4 surrounded the walls, and you observed from a bench in the middle. Each painting represented a different time of the day. We've now turned our pictures into prints and put them in our back bathroom. Memories of Paris will remain.

Our last night in Paris before heading off to Venice we went to see the Eiffel Tower at night. My pictures don't do it justice, but it was beautiful. We ate crepes and avoided gypsies. So Parisian!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ciao Venizia

Well tomorrow morning we head out for home. Our flight leaves at 11:20 Paris time (By the way Paris is 8 hrs ahead of Utah time). We survived the night train with little sleep, but it was an adventure. I really felt like Harry Potter in our little compartment. Venice was amazing, but not having the blistering heat has been nice for a day. Well we get in tomorrow at 6:something Utah time, and we can't wait to post more pictures. Enjoy these for the moment, before we pack up everything and head out. Love you all!

Om, the birds were terrifying. I ran to try and get away from them, but we still got pooped on, TWICE! ha ha, the joys of Venice.

The crazy shopping at the Rialto Bridge was great. It was crowded, but they had such fun things to sell. We saw alot of pinnochios and Venician masks.

We went to a little island in the Lagoon called Murano. We watched a man make little glass flowers. It was crazy to see it go from sand to a chandellier with just pliers and a fire.

Today after we got into Paris, we went out to do some last minute shopping. The metro was espeically crowded today, but for some reason the policia closed down the stop to the Champs de Elysses. It made out lives a little difficult, but we figured it out with our now great knowledge of the Paris metro.